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*Please note that all custom order take approximately 3 weeks to be made. 

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  • Worn hats are non-refundable
  • Store credit/exchanges only
  • Returns must be made within seven days
  • Custom orders require a 50% deposit in order to proceed
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Evening/cocktail hats are final sale

Measuring Your Head/Sizing

You can determine your head size, in inches, by taking a soft measuring tape and measuring around the crown of your head, about 3/4 of an inch above your eyebrows, leaving one finger between the measuring tape and your head. Sizing is done by the quarter inch. For our international customers, centimeters works as well. In the event you don't have a soft tape measure, use a non stretching ribbon, string or or shoelace and mark where the ends join with a pen, then rollout against a ruler. Or click the link below for a printable measuring tape!

printable measuring tape


All of our custom hats can be made in a variety of different materials, including felts and straws. Below you can find the full list of material choices and descriptions for your custom hat. 

FELT TYPE-  Rabbit velour felt


  • Milan -   Is a beautiful woven straw braid with a natural golden color. Production of true milan straw is  limited to a small region near Beijing, China where it  has been grown and woven for centuries.  Milan comes in a variety of widths but  the Hat Shop only uses the narrow width thereby giving the finished hat a wonderful pliant "hand".  The braid is sewn by local artisans in NY,  which requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. 
  • Panama - Panama straw comes from Ecuador and is woven from the jipijapa palm. The Hat Shop uses only the highest grades of  panama straws (grade 8-20), they are luxurious and are selected  to meet our discerning standards. 
  • Paglina - Paglina is a swiss braid straw, produced using raffia material and saturated with colour fast dye. It has a very sophisticated look and is used in the dressiest of hats.


Our hats are available in over 30 different colors and patterns of felt, fur and straw.